Monday, December 3, 2012

This Week in Elf on a Shelf

Last year, I purchased the Elf on a Shelf for my little one. She named him Nutcracker. (I'm not too fond of this name, but she had just been in a production of the Nutcracker Ballet with her dance studio, so I didn't argue). It was pretty close to Christmas when I got him, so we didn't have a lot of time to do do anything fancy. This year I was determined to make this something special for my little one. 

The week started off well. I used some cute ideas I found on Pinterest, and my little one loved it! I mean talked about it to anyone who would listen, loved it. Then, on Friday, less than a week after Nutcracker made his first appearance, I forgot to move him. Normally, my little one is not a morning person. She takes after her Daddy in that respect. She barely opens her eyes until we're out the door to day care. But, on this particular morning, she immediately noticed that Nutcracker was still in the same spot he was the night before. Not good. 

I felt like a terrible mother - I bought the silly elf, so I'm now obligated to move the thing every night. I told her that she had been so good the day before, that Nutcracker didn't need to go to Santa and tell him anything. Luckily, she really had been good the day before. Fortunately, she believed it and told Nutcracker that he better tell Santa even when she's been extra good. That will teach me to miss another day of moving the elf. 

Here are some highlights from the week:      

Cruising with Barbie / Getting into the candy
Getting into the Christmas decorations / Watching TV and eating popcorn
Adding toilet paper garland to the Christmas Tree

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