Friday, July 19, 2013

Project Wedding: A Country Flower Girl

Hello again from my Project Wedding series, where I've brought you highlights and DIY tips from my sister-in-law Carla's rustic, country wedding. Today I'm bringing you some of the tips we used when selecting just the right ensemble for my mini-me, who starred as the flower girl in her Aunt Carla's wedding. 


My little mini-me was the cutest thing at Carla and David's wedding. She looked adorable in her lacy dress and cowgirl boots. We looked around everywhere for a dress that would fit the theme of the wedding with no luck. Every store had more traditional flower girl dresses that were way too expensive.


When I can, I would much rather make something than buy it. Unfortunately, I have no decent sewing skills whatsoever, to the point that sewing machines turn and run from me when I look at them. It would be nice to have a homemade dress since we could not find one, but I was definitely not the person to do that.

So, we turned to Etsy - probably my second favorite go-to site after Pinterest. We found a very cute and reasonably priced dress with accessories at PoshPeanutKids that were all homemade and perfect for a rustic themed wedding.

Ivory Lace Flower Girl Dress from PoshPeanutKids $50.00

Flower Headband with Pearl Embellishment from PoshPeanutKids $18.00 (shown in beige and peach)

She even threw in a few extra flowers for us to use on the flower girl's basket. I paid $0.37 for the basket at a thrift store. I got an unfinished wooden heart from Hobby Lobby for $0.25. I painted a C+D on it with a brown paint marker and then lightly brushed brown paint over it to give it a rustic look. After drilling a hole into the corner of the heart, I attached it to the basket with ribbon and hot glued the flowers onto the basket. 

The best part was that my little mini-me loved her whole flower girl ensemble. She just loved her cowgirl boots, which were actually my younger brother's boots when he was a kid (he's 25 now). She loved her frilly dress and the fact that she got to carry a basket. 

Here are a few more pictures of mini-me as her Aunt Carla's flower girl.  


Thanks for joining me for my Project Wedding series. Over the next few weeks I'll be highlighting cakes and candy buffets, so stay tuned! Click below to see other projects from Carla and David's wedding.

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End Table Makeover


I recently decided to makeover an end table that belonged to my grandfather. The pictures below show what the end table looked like before I painted it. It was in pretty rough shape. 

These pictures were taken after I stripped the linoleum off the table top, which was a huge mess. Who puts linoleum tile on the top of a table? Apparently, my granddad. I also had to scrape off the residue left from the 20 command strips that were stuck on the side of the end table. 

I made my own concoction of chalk paint, which is a lot like the recipe HERE. I've never used real chalk paint like Annie Sloan because I'm too cheap to pay that much for it, but, I love to make my own out of oops paint I find on the clearance racks at Home Depot and Lowe's. Chalk paint requires way less coats and distresses very easily. 

I painted the base blue and the top white. Once dry, I lined the top with painter's tape and painted blue stripes. I then took sand paper and distressed it. I sealed the paint with a few coats of dark wax. 

The hardware was originally bright shiny gold, which was pealing off a little. I sprayed the hardware with metallic spray paint in Antique Brass. 

The drawers had a few spots inside, so I lined the bottoms with contact paper I found at the Dollar Tree! Yes, I said Dollar Tree, as in it only cost me $1. It didn't completely match the blue and white stripes, but it looked good enough to me. 

I think it turned out pretty well. I absolutely love turning crappy old furniture into shabby chic pieces. I really wanted to keep it, but it's now in my booth at Prattville Pickers. I hope you've enjoyed my end table makeover! I'm hoping to do more projects like this in the future. 

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