Thursday, July 12, 2012

Boat Shelf Makeover

In April I stumbled upon this boat shelf at a clothing and home décor consignment sale. It was in pretty bad shape, but it was only $15. My mom lives on the river and loves nautical themed décor, so I could not pass it up.

Here is the pre-makeover boat shelf:


I went to Wal-Mart and got two of the Glidden paint sample bottles for about $3 each, one in a tan color and one in a pale blue. That was exactly enough paint to cover the entire shelf. It took about three coats. I used the tan on the inside and the blue on the outside. When finished, I coated it with a spray lacquer I had on hand.

Here’s the after:

I gave it to my mom in June for her birthday, and she loved it! It didn’t take too long, and it only cost a grand total of $21. While it was cheap, a lot of love went into it, which is what my mom expects from me when it comes to gifts – cheap but classy. Now she wants me to make one for her neighbor, but cheap boat shelves are hard to come by. A comparable one I saw at a shop down at the beach was $120. I’ll keep my eyes open. Here’s to keepin’ in cheap!

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  1. Very nice! Much better than before!

  2. Hey Elizabeth! Thought I'd come say hi and thanks for visiting my blog!

    Love this makeover - I'm all for doing things on the cheap. The shelf looks great! Now following!